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  1. Accelerate your learning: Don’t fight extinction
  2. The Poisoned Cue And Its Implications For Training
  3. Fear vs. Anxiety: Does the distinction matter?
  4. Do You See What I See: Medical Conditions Masquerading as Behavior Problems
  5. Desensitization and Counterconditioning – The Details Make All the Difference!
  6. Stress Matters: Impact of Fear and Anxiety on Learning
  7. Pitfalls in Socialization: When Best Intentions Miss the Mark
  8. Preventing Separation Anxiety? Home Alone Time for Puppies and Newly Acquired Dogs
  9. What Not to Pair: Changing the Value of Reinforcers & Punishers
  10. Keep Your Candle Burning: Avoiding Professional Burnout
  11. How To Transform a Trigger Into a Cue
  12. In Other Words: Extending Non-violence to Clients & Colleagues
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