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Speaker Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in presenting a webinar for dog-ibox!

Before contacting us, we kindly ask that you carefully read our speaker guidelines.

General Conditions

• As a dog-ibox speaker, you focus on positive-reinforcement and force-free training based in science.

• Think about your topic with a laser-like focus, narrowing it down to a manageable amount of information. In the email you will need to provide a brief description of your topic that explains what you can teach and share in a 2-hours session (leaving time for questions and answers). We are looking for narrow topics, rather than general.

• When preparing your speaker submission, we encourage you to think like an attendee, asking yourself what an attendee would want to learn about your topic idea. What will they take home from your session that will help them with their dog training and/or business?

• dog-ibox will promote your webinar in newsletters, on Social Media and as Dog Seminars Directory advertisment (dog-ibox will cover all expenses). Therefor we need the complete webinar description at least 6 weeks before the live event.

• dog-ibox will also apply for CEUs for your webinar.

• Let us know how you can help promote dog-ibox and your webinar session. We expect speakers to help us expand our community of dog trainers and lovers. What to avoid: Your session should not be a product pitch, nor promotional for your blog, company, or services. Promotion and buzz about your company will naturally flow from delivering a high quality session.

• For audio, we are using VOIP. Speakers must use a headset to ensure best audio quality. No webcam is needed.

• You should be familiar with PowerPoint or Keynote. Videos can be integrated directly in the presentation. The presentation you wish to use for the live webinar must be submitted to dog-ibox 4 days prior to the webinar. dog-ibox will transform your presentation into a PDF file and share it with the attendees at least one day prior to the live webinar.

• You must be willing to schedule a test webinar in order to check the system requirements..

• On the day of the actual webinar, you are required to be online one hour before the webinar session starts.

• Your webinar session will be recorded and the recording can be purchased in our online shop. It will remain in the dog-ibox shop for five years. Buyers of the recording will also have access to the student notes and each attendee receives a personalized certificate of attendance.

• You will receive a compensation of 50% of all proceeds (sales of live webinar and recordings).

• For our webinar commission payments, we are either mailing a check (if in the US) or we’ll be using PayPal. All payments are made in USD.

You are still interested in presenting a dog-ibox webinar? Great! We’re looking forward to get to know you! The next step would be to send us an email providing the following information:

➲ Biography for our speaker page

➲ Picture in best quality

➲ Your ethics / training methods 

➲ Webinar title

➲ Webinar description - this information is used in order to promote your webinar and apply for CEUs

➲ Who would be the target audience of the webinar?

➲ How would you promote your webinar?

➲ Do your other events (seminars, etc.) qualify for CCPDT, IAABC, KPA and/or PPG CEUs?

➲ Please don't forget to mention your address and website in the email

We will do our best to notify you within 4 business days if you’ve been selected as a speaker.