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ChatterVox (USA)

ChatterVox is simply the finest portable voice amplifier.

Clicker Company (USA)

The Clicker Company is the #1 seller of imprinted clickers in the world. We specialize in clicker training for dogs, animal training clickers, whistle clickers, i-clicks and many more imprinted items!

Dogs Among Us ~ Canine Campus ~ Oswego, NY

Your Education Dogs Among Us, LLC was established by owner Andrea Giordano in 2011. Since then we purchased 8 acres and built our campus. Our campus includes two training buildings providing our clients the opportunity to train in comfort year round and two outdoor fenced fields. Come enjoy a day or weekend filled with learning & training by attending one of our scheduled workshops or seminars. We’ve identified some of the best dog training professionals in the industry and convinced them to come to Central New York to share their knowledge with you. Our scheduled events will offer you an opportunity to learn & practice the skills you need to be the best dog trainer, handler or pet owner you can be.

Dogwise (USA) brings you the largest selection of cutting-edge information on living, loving, and working with dogs available anywhere.

Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips (USA)

Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips are natural rubber cylinders which slide onto dogs’ toenails to enable traction on hard-surface floors and stairs. They were designed for senior, rehabilitating, and/or special needs dogs. In addition to improving mobility and stability for these dogs, ToeGrips also boost confidence and provide proprioceptive stimulus. ToeGrips are revolutionary in that they work with the dog’s natural design–to gain traction through the toenails.


Ball Dynamics International – Manufacturer of FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment – We ship Internationally! Active exercise is part of a natural and holistic approach to health. A regular exercise program can help prevent obesity, muscle weakness, joint problems and destructive behaviors due to boredom. The new line of FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment helps dogs gain muscle strength and control, improve balance skills, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and overall physical conditioning while giving time-challenged owners a fun, fast way to provide interactive indoor exercise for their dogs.

FitPAWS premium products are made from professional-grade, heavy-duty PVC material formulated for use with dogs to provide superior gripping and to resist damage caused by dog nails. Dogs are challenged by moving on an unstable surface with the help of their owner. The interactive fun training is especially good for overweight dogs, puppies and seniors. An active mind + an active body = a happy dog!

FitPAWS products and conditioning techniques are already used by top dog trainers, agility enthusiasts and canine rehab practitioners. We have a variety of equipment which can offer you fun new canine conditioning classes including Rally X, Super Puppy Classes, Confidence Building classes, foundation to Dog Sport Classes, Exercise as Medicine, Specific exercise parties beneficial to your breed, Doga, Kids Teach Trick Classes, Conformation Classes and More!

Kurgo (USA)

Kurgo designs and manufactures the leading dog travel products in the world. From dog harnesses to car seat covers to pet carriers, Kurgo has everything you need to keep your pup safe and your car clean.

Shipping to the US and Canada.

MyDogToy (USA)

A huge selection of great dog toys.

We believe that product design is the process of recreating, rethinking and developing a product idea using functionality, ergonomics, and simplicity as our guide.

We also believe that product sales are the truest measure of a creation's worth. Adding value to our clients products is always our foremost goal - whether by eliminating manufacturing overhead, reducing time to market, or establishing advantaged market positions through the development of strategically significant intellectual property.

There are two components to every successful product, Design and Execution. The greatest ideas in the world, if executed poorly, will fail. That is why we have combined manufacturing, and product sourcing with product design to provide a complete product that is executed from the idea on the napkin to the product on the store shelves.


Advanced Pet Products.

Tawzer Dog (USA)

The largest library of "positive" training and behavior information.