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Why become a dog-ibox vendor? is THE online marketplace for anything related to dogs and a force- free and happy living with them. Our platform offers you the possibility to create your own online shop, to sell your products and services and to generate a nice additional income. It's simple, fun and gives you the opportunity to connect with customers from all over the world.

  •   Offer products in your new online shop
  •   Customer orders your products and services
  •   Manage orders in your dog-ibox vendor portal
  •   We transfer your monthly revenue share to your paypal account
  •   Customer received product directly from you or automatically for downloads

Note: The offer is limited to non-physical products such as online courses, training videos, e-books, etc.

Your advantages as a dog-ibox vendor

  • Reach thousands of customers every day who can reach your products.
  • Highly targeted customers because they all share a common interest in dogs.
  • We support you: Both in the setup and maintenance of your shop.
  • Don't waste time with your IT, backups or technical update: That's what we are here for.
  • The creation of your shops is free, fast and easy.
  • Unlimited number of product pictures so that you can present your products in the best possible way.
  • Customer Support: Benefit from our excellent reputation. Your customers are well looked after by us in case of questions.
  • Marketing activities tailored to you and your needs.
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How can I become a dog-ibox vendor and what are my costs?

To open your own online shop, you should first read our seller guidelines and then complete the registration form to register as a new vendor. There are no costs for you. After a successful order, the revenue is paid directly to your Paypal account after deduction of a 15% sales commission plus a product fee per item of $0.95 (Tip: this will not apply to new shops in 2018).

Register as a new vendor now. You will need an active Papyal account and your company data. Let's go!