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My Dog Pulls

by Bina Lunzer

Availability: In stock

Language: English English
Available until: Friday, February 1, 2019
Duration: 56 minutes


Product Description

"If you type “loose leash walking” or “loose lead walking” into Google, you’ll get about 30.5 million hits. There are countless pieces of equipment that are supposed to help with learning this. It seems that many dog trainers have already addressed this question. Then why do many dogs pull at the leash? Everyone wants a loosh lease walker, but so many fail to accomplish it? Why? Walking on a loose leash is a relatively complex training exercise to learn—for both ends of the leash.
Bina Lunzer's method for walking on a loose leash is suitable for all dog breeds, every mix and all ages. It is force-free, minimizes stress during the learning stage and later when walking and is in line with modern learning science.
These are the reasons why this method has such huge success, even with very pronounced, long-standing leash pulling. By now, dog owners and trainers all over the world have tried out this method and rejoice: not only over the results, but also over the speed at which success was achieved."

Additional Information

System requirementsAll you need is a reasonable internet connection and an updated browser and operating system.

The following devices can be used in order to view the recording:
• PC or Laptop
• iPad or Tablet
• Smartphone
General informationPurchase authorizes the buyer to view the webinar session for unlimited times (until expiry date).

After placing the order, you will have immediate access to the webinar recording:
• Simply log in to your dog-ibox shop account
• Click on the tab “My dog-ibox” / "My Webinars". You will find an overview of all your webinar recordings.

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