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Approved for CEUs
Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer (IBH)
Tellington TTouch® Verein Deutschland

Shaping or Successive Approximations

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  • Duration:  2 hours 18 minutes
  • Audio:  English
  • Expires:  Thursday, December 30, 2032
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Approved for CEUs
Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer (IBH)
Tellington TTouch® Verein Deutschland
How to go from simple to more complex behaviors just with the aid of a clicker and a little bit of creativity!

During this webinar, Claudia will cover the following topics:
• What is Shaping and where can it be useful in animal training? What are the advantages, teaching new behaviours with shaping? And what can be possible disadvantages?
• How to get started? How to introduce an animal to the process of Shaping? How can an animal learn to offer behaviors actively?
• What rules should be followed, to ensure a positive shaping-process for the animal? What are signs, that something is going wrong?
• Isolating simple behaviors such as moving specific body parts, nose, paw, mouth, hind legs, etc.
• Working with and without the use of objects.
• More advanced behaviors with the different body parts such as pulling, pushing, carrying, increase duration, etc.
• An outlook on more complex behaviors where the animal has to combine, merge or sequence several actions, such as "cleaning up", retrieve, etc.
• At the end of the Webinar there is room for short discussions and Q&A Session.
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The following organizations acknowledge this webinar for CEUs:

Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer (IBH)
The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
2.0 Credits
Schulungszentrum für Tierverhaltenstherapie und Erziehungsberatung TVT e.U. (SzTVT)
2.0 Credits
Österreichischer Berufsverband der Hundeerzieher, -trainer und -verhaltensberater (ÖBdH)
2.0 Credits
Tellington TTouch® Verein Deutschland
Claudia Moser

Claudia Moser View all Speaker Products

Please scroll down for the English version.

- Studierte Sport und Sportwissenschaften

- Selbständige Seminarleiterin in den Bereichen Dogdance, Obedience und Clickertraining

- Online-Shop für Clickertrainingsbedarf

- Inhaberin Clickerzentrum Schweiz, Zentrum für Seminare rund um modernes Training

- TAGteach Instructor

Ich habe an der Universität Bern (CH) Sport und Sportwissenschaften studiert und habe das Diplom 1 abgeschlossen. Nach meinem Studium habe ich 1,5 Jahre in England bei Attila Szkukalek in der Hundeschule gearbeitet, wo ich sowohl für Welpentraining, Erziehungskurse, als auch Funkurse, Dogdance und Agility geleitet habe. Daneben habe ich ich auch Kunden betreut, die bei ihren Hunden mit Alltags- und Verhaltensproblemen zu kämpfen hatten. Nach der Rückkehr aus England habe ich mich als Seminarleiterin selbständig gemacht und bin seither im In- und Ausland Seminare zu den Themen Dogdance, Clickertraining, Obedience und Beschäftigung von Hunden geleitet.

2012 habe ich das Clickerzentrum gegründet, wo ich neben eigenem Training und Seminaren auch Kurse und Seminare mit anderen Referenten anbiete.

Im gleichen Jahr haben Simone Fasel und ich die erste deutschsprachige Clicker-Trainer-Ausbildung gestartet, in welcher wir eine umfassende und detaillierte Ausbildung für jeden interessierten Trainer anbieten, welche sich theoretisch und praktisch weiterbilden und lernen möchten.

Mit meinen eigenen Hunden habe ich schon ziemlich jede Hundesportart ausprobiert, zur Zeit sind wir hauptsächlich im Dogdance und Obedience aktiv, wobei wir in der Freizeit natürlich auch sehr viel Clickern, Dummys suchen oder ein wenig Agility machen.


- Studied Sports and Sports Education

- Tutor at workshops about Dogdance / Freestyle, Obedience and Clickertraining

- Owns an Online-Shop for Clickertraining-Tools

- Founder of the Clickercenter Switzerland, an place to attend workshops, talks, enjoy holidays and more

- Clicker-Trainer-Education in German, courses in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

- TAGteach Instructor

I have studied Sports and Sportseducation at the University in Berne (CH) and finished my diploma. After that I went to England for 1.5 years, where I had the chance to work with Attila Szkukalek as a trainer in his Dogtraining-School, where I was in charge of puppy training, basic obedience courses, Funclasses, Freestyle and Agility. I also worked in individual sessions with owners and their dogs to solve different obedience- and behaviour-problems.

After returning to Switzerland I started to work as a teacher and tutor and since then have been teaching at Workshops in Switzerland and abroad covering different topics, such as Dogdance Freestyle and HTM, Clickertraining, Obedience and general Funtraining for Dogs.

In 2012 I founded my Clickercenter, where I offer courses and classes myself as well as being able to invite teachers to present their topics.

Here I also have the possibility to offer Chicken-Training-Courses as well as working with Filmanimals.

In the same year Simone Fasel and I started the first german Clicker-Trainer-Education, offering an extensive and thorough Trainer-Education for anyone wanting to improve his theoretical and practical knowlede and knowhow.

Our courses have since been repeated several times in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

With my own dogs I have tried several different dogsports, at the moment our main hobby definitively is Dogdance, although we also regularly train obedience and agility, do some Dummytraining or just have a Fun Shaping-Session. / /
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