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Tellington TTouch® Verein Deutschland

Play Your Way to a Great Recall

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  • Duration:  1 hour 56 minutes
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  • Expires:  Thursday, March 21, 2024
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Approved for CEUs
Tellington TTouch® Verein Deutschland
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In this interactive webinar, we'll look at the big picture of training a great recall. Most people just jump right in with no plan. The best trainers treat it like a behavior chain and figure out how to build reliability and enthusiasm for each of the skills needed, then put them together. Each step should be fun and invigorating for you and your dog!

Having this skill improves the quality of life for you and your dog!
Donna's webinars are always fun, go by fast and are lively! Even the most experienced trainers will get new ideas from this one!

We'll discuss:
• Critical use of classical conditioning
• A general approach to adding distractions
• Creative distractions
• Ideas for controlling the environment
• Choice of cues
• The micro cues needed taught in the form of games
• Reinforcement options
• Effective use of Premack's Principle
• Poisoned cues
• Alternatives to recalls
• Dogs that chase-desensitization
• Multiple handlers and recall
• Dealing with failure
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Tellington TTouch® Verein Deutschland
Donna  Hill

Donna Hill View all Speaker Products

Donna Hill B.Sc (zoology). B.Ed CHI is probably best known for her two Youtube channels. Donna is also the

group owner/moderator of the Facebook Group: Observations Skills for Training Dogs. She is the founder of & instructor for VI Assistance Dogs (VIAD) and co-founder and active professional member of Vancouver Island Animal Training Association (VIATA). She was a continuing education instructor for several school districts and colleges.

An avid writer, she is author of "You Don't Have to be Dog Whisperer: 14 Principles for Training the Family Dog" Audio CD, "Foundation Skills for Assistance Dogs" DVD, blog author for VIAD & regularly contributes articles to several magazines including the Swiss "Clicker Magazin".

She completed a university degree in zoology enjoying many animal behavior and ecology courses as well as human psychology. She also enjoys working with people so finished a degree in education to find out more about how people learn.

Donna has a special way with people with disabilities and has done Applied Behavior Analysis as a behavior interventionist with kids and teens with disabilities and used their dogs to teach them about learning, emotions and responding appropriately.

She also spent 15 years in nature parks, museums and schools teaching kids, families, adults & seniors how to use their observation skills to learn about nature and history. During that time, she travelled across western Canada facilitating nature activity workshops for teachers and interactive presentation skills workshops for group leaders. She authored many self-published resources for teachers.

Donna has a life long love affair with dogs and dog behavior and has volunteered and worked in kennels and shelters, fostered rescue dogs, taught private sessions and co-taught reactive dog classes. She stays current in dog behavior and learning studies regularly attending sessions by top trainers and researchers. With her own dogs and other pets, Donna is ever willing to experiment with the learning theory when teaching a wide variety of dog sports, games, tricks and other activities.

Currently, she travels regionally to teach people how to observe their dogs and respond appropriately to avoid conflict.

Donna Hill is available globally for private coaching via webcam (Skype, Facebook etc) and locally in-person in Nanaimo, BC, Canada
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