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Ali Brown graduated from Ursinus College with a B.S. in Psychology, and earned her M.Ed. in Human Development / Behavioral Science from Lehigh University. Working earlier in her career as a behavior therapist/consultant with mentally challenged children and adults, she made a fulfilling switch to working with dogs in 1998.

In 2001, Ali became one of the first 100 trainers to receive her CPDT title (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) from Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). In May 2008, she became a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). Ali takes great pride in providing non-force training methods for dogs and their people. Ali was a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) for 15 years and served on multiple committees as well as serving on the Board of Directors for a 3 year term.

She lives, trains and works with Bing, a 8-year-old Belgian Sheepdog whose abilities and antics qualify him for his own section of her Website, and two rescues, Tango and Harriet.

Ali is a great believer in forever learning. She attends seminars, IAABC conferences and Clicker Expo conferences regularly. Recent continuing education events Ali has attended include two separate Nose Work seminars. The first was in April 2010: Intro to Nose Work and was presented by Jill-Marie O'Brien and Amy Herot. The second, Intro to Odor, took place in June 2011 and was attended by three Great Companions trainers. As a result, Great Companions has a VERY popular and full Scent Detective program.

Also in June 2010, Ali attended the 4-day CAPPDT conference (Canadian APDT), in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There, Ali presented her 8-hour Scaredy Dog Seminar, complete with video examples from actual training exercises shot at Great Companions.

In 2007, Ali attended a week-long Chicken Camp, run by behavior guru, Bob Bailey, and hosted by Terry Ryan in Washington State.

Giving is as important as receiving, and Ali does just that. She has been traveling the nation, delivering her one-day and two-day seminars on fearful and reactive dogs (; this seminar has taken her as far as Alaska, California and Florida. Ali leaps at any invitation to share the information she has learned regarding this issue.

Another passion for her is Rally. Ali is an C_WAGS judge at all levels. What makes Rally unique is that it is competitive obedience for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, breed, mix, handicap, or level of competitiveness. It's more about the relationship between the owner and the dog and having fun, than it is about precision. Ali's judging assignments are usually close to home, but they have taken her as far west as Arizona and California; she plans on repeating that assignment as often as possible. Ali was the Advisor to the Board of Directors of the APDT for Rally and was the Co- Chair of the Rally committee.

Agility has become a source of amazement for Ali. Agility is a real craze among doglovers, but what Ali finds most fascinating is how precise body movement and posture must be in order to communicate effectively with your canine partner. She's always known that body language is important; agility makes that fact screamingly clear! Ali has traveled extensively, living for two years in London, England, and seven years in Ottawa, Canada, before coming back to the Lehigh Valley. More recently, Ali's travels usually include her husband and at least two dogs and have taken them to Glacier National Park, Montana; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona; Moab, Utah; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; along with numerous other trips within 200 miles that include camping and hotel stays, big cities and little towns, state and national parks, and all with the dogs coming alongfor the ride.

Ali's second book, FOCUS NOT FEAR, TRAINING INSIGHTS FROM A REACTIVE DOG CLASS (2008) is available by clicking here and through Dogwise.

Her first book, SCAREDY DOG! UNDERSTANDING AND REHABILITATING YOUR REACTIVE DOG, was published in June 2004 and revised in 2009. The book
can be purchased through Dogwise, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book sellers nationally, and is available through this Web site.

It includes training methods that are easy to implement, and comes from her experience with individual training sessions and group classes on the subject. For more information on the book please go to the website. Ali's seminar DVD, which is based on her book Scaredy Dog!, and her Reactive Dog Classes DVD are also available on the Website.