Welcome Letter

At dog-ibox we partner with world renowned experts to ensure the quality of the programs presented. These experts are as committed as we are to using force-free training methods based in science to improve the lives of our canine companions.  We value our clients’ time and believe providing our clients with the opportunity to enjoy quality continuing education programs from the convenience of their homes brings us all one step closer to our training goals.

dog-ibox was founded in 2011 by Corinne Kaelin with the support of a small group of animal lovers.

Corinne, originally from Switzerland, moved to the US in March 2010. Grown up with a lot of animals, she turned her passion into profession by becoming a Certified Dog Instructor back in Switzerland (Certodog, Hundeinstruktorenausbildung HIK 1). She’s also Certified by the Akademie für Tiernaturheilkunde ATN AG in Animal Psychology (Dogs, Cats and Horses). In addition she is a Certified Instructor from the FVO-BVET (federal veterinary office) for the mandatory dog courses (SKN courses) in Switzerland. Corinne lives with her family and animals in the State of New York.

Why should you choose us?

• Size: We value quality over quantity. Our webinars are held in small groups to ensure each attendee has a chance to ask questions and interact with the speaker.

•Expertise: All of our speakers are experts in their respective fields. See more details here: Speakers

• Support: Support is one of our highest priorities! We are not too big to care and will be flexible, reliable and responsive to your needs. At dog-ibox, we emphasize a personal mutual contact with a client. In the unlikely event that you have an issue with anything we do we make all possible efforts to address your concerns. If you’re able to find an area we could do better in, let us know! Our business is directly shaped on the input we receive from our customers!

• Reputation: We’ve got an excellent reputation with literally hundreds of satisfied and loyal clients.

Sincerely, Corinne Kaelin Co-Founder


More than 1000 satisfied clients!

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